Vici provides full turnkey platforms for businesses looking to penetrate the online market and generate market presence, enhance potential opportunities and increase customer influx.


A resilient innovation in the hunt for more: a hybrid powered engine putting strategic algorithms to work in order to bring true results that are scalable and proven to increase brand exposure.


From managing publisher relations, handling vast campaign budgets and locating unique exposure no one else can attain, Vici offers one of a kind display advertising services.


Offering a 360 degree solution to generating exposure via Social Media Marketing. Using both ATL and BTL strategies in large social networks such as Facebook and Linkedin but also in small networks when seeking a specific demographic target.

new media

Vici experts are constantly searching and testing new media channels from Google Glass to Smart Watches and wearable computing devices - with keen eyes and minds always watching for the next big thing to come.

Mobile ads

A multi-channeled platform tailor made for the mobile environment allowing ease of access, real time delivery and results driven optimization solutions allowing for cost efficient lead capture.

Mobile apps

Initiating business planning and development, overseeing system architecture, quality assurance and implication, finishing with jet powered distribution.

In - game ads

Accelerate your brand with responsive adverts formulated to draw out targeted leads, cross - checked and measured to ensure the best ROI for any and every click.


Sponsorship programs are seeking entrepreneurs for promoting interrelations. Send in contacts with sponsorship form filled out in full. Benchmark value will be analyzed, if revealed to be a potential asset, Vici will be sure to make contact with inquiries for a funded fellowship.

sub - affiliation

Genuinely strengthen your brand and jump start traffic with an affiliate program. Link with a large scale business led supply chain, monitor activity and generate returns through an exponentially growing platform.

“If you work just for money, you’ll never make it, but if you love what you’re doing and you always put
the customer first, success will be yours.” – Ray Kroc
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